Team Colors May Change But The Great Ideas Remain!

Jan 30th


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Many of our decorations featured were made with the idea that you can use these year after year, and not just for the Super Bowl!  Substitute the colors from last year for the 2012 Teams New York Giants vs. New England Patriots for a Super Bowl Party rivalry worthy of the teams playing! Colors for the Patriots(white, red, dark blue) and the Giants (blue, red, white and gray). Check out our ideas below for truly great and inexpensive ideas to put the Play in your party!


Flaunt Great Player Glasses!-Flaunt your key players on your team by hanging their jerseys……on a glass!  What better way to honor them than to tip that glass as they make brilliant plays (careful not to tip too much)!


Playbook Menus! -Let your guests see your playbook, it’s ok, it’s game day.  Most menu’s are for formal events, but we created this to allow your friends to know what everything is and where it is placed on the table, we even posted on a clip board, pretty creative, aren’t we?


The Lombardi Trophy…..sort of!-Won’t the guys be so impressed that you knew this famous football symbol? Simple and easy idea for your centerpiece follow along and complete in no time!


Beer Bouquet -Ok, it may not be your significant others, or your brand of choice but it sure will make an impression on your guests.


”Wrap ‘em up” Silverware Bucket-Enjoy the game, and let your guest enjoy having everything at their greasy fingertips.  What says love and wipe your face more than washcloths in team colors wrapped with a ribbon?  Party foul whistle included!

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